Lost in translation

Because people regularly send emails to ‘Brain’, I make a point of ensuring I get all the other names around me right. That said, here are my top 10 battles between my left brain and right brain.

10. Who’s the better up-and-coming defenseman, Toronto’s Andy Wozniewski or Chicago’s James Wisniewski?

9. Who’s the best up-and-coming Michigan-born defenseman, New Jersey’s Andy Greene or Edmonton’s Matt Greene?

8. Visnovsky is the offensive defenseman, Vishnevski the defensive one, right?

7. Who does Krys Barch think he is playing in Dallas? Kris Beech?

6. If I was an NHL GM, who would I call up first, Matt Hussey or Owen Fussey?

5. In 2003, the Rangers drafted Ivan Baranka 50th overall and Chicago took Michel Barinka 59th overall. Which was the better pick?

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4. Why doesn’t Michael Nylander just get it over with and sign with the NYIslanders?

3. Who’s the bigger first round disappointment, Beniot Pouliot or Marc-Antoine Pouliot?

2. Shouldn’t the other Petr Sykora be making another NHL stop soon?

1. When all is said and done, who will have had the most generic NHL career. Chris Kotsopoulos or Tom Kostopoulos?

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