Lumber lasts

 Ryan Kennedy’s Opinion Page piece in the June 8 issue of the Hockey News concerning composite sticks took me back a few years when a totally different scenario prevailed.

The late Frank Finnigan, the only surviving member of the original Ottawa Senators when the franchise revived, claimed that he used but one stick per year when he played.

But Reg Noble, whose career went back to the days of the NHA, wielded a legendary piece of lumber. This remarkable heavy weapon showed up with him in Toronto in 1916 and lasted at least 15 seasons, while he toiled with the Blueshirts, Canadiens, Arenas, and Montreal Maroons.

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When he retired to coach, he donated it to the Detroit Olympia. But when the team faltered, he reactivated himself. He broke into the souvenir room, retrieved the shillelagh, and used it for the duration of the schedule.

He sure never had trouble with it exploding in his hands.

Glen R. Goodhand, Lindsay, Ont.