Luongo gets beat from center, has brilliant idea to stop it from ever happening again

Roberto Luongo let in a goal from center ice after the puck skipped over his stick. He then reacted the way only he could: by making a joke out of the situation and creating a gadget that will make sure it never happens again.

There is no player that has endeared himself to the masses through social media quite like Roberto Luongo. After allowing a goal from center ice on Tuesday, he had good reason to put his self-deprecation skills to the test.

The gaffe came with little more than five minutes left in the second period and the Panthers up 5-1. Anaheim Ducks winger Tim Jackman collected the puck at the red line, dodged a check and used his backhand to flip the puck into the Panthers’ zone. The puck bounced once, skipped twice and finally hopped over the glove of Luongo.

Luongo is no Giancarlo Stanton with his glove, but maybe he can get some pointers from the Marlins’ outfielder. But while it’s safe to assume that most goaltenders would give an answer afterwards about how it’s a tough play and one he’d like to have back, Luongo went the other direction.

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What Luongo decided to do was make sure he would never have to face embarrassment ever again. With the help of some cardboard and some scissors, he crafted an extra piece of blocking material for times of great need.


Well done, Roberto. Although, you can’t help but feel the Competition Committee is going to give him a tough time about using his new gadget.

The Panthers went on to win 6-2.