Make an example of Cormier

Steve Hewlin, Cow Head, Nfld.

It is about time hockey players of all ages and skill levels had some respect for not only other hockey players, but people in general.

Hockey is a fast game and when two players come together there is a chance someone is going to get hurt, but that is the risk we take to play the game we love.

What Patrice Cormier did was not hockey related. It is about time the message got across and I think Cormier needs to be made an example of.

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Let the whole hockey world know this kind of cheap shot will not be tolerated in any hockey league in the world.

I think he should be suspended for the rest of this season and playoffs and all of next season and playoffs, no matter what league he was going to play in next season.

It might be a little harsh, but one day a player is going to die because of that kind of play, so the message must get across.