Maple Leafs’ Bernier unveils new mask for the 2015-16 season

Jonathan Bernier’s new mask doesn’t feature any of the bright, bold designs or colors that have become so popular, but it looks excellent with its classic feel and somewhat simple design. Back, as always, is the lion Bernier has worn atop most of his masks.

A good number of goaltenders choose to go with bold designs and outlandish characters for their mask designs, but Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender
Jonathan Bernier is going a much more classic route with his mask for the 2015-16 season. Bernier put his newest lid on display for the world to see via his Instagram page Sunday, and the new design is sleek, simple and easy on the eye. As always, his signature lion is on the crown of the mask, but it’s the way the mask’s other panels have been designed that really makes the helmet’s design shine.

Bernier Mask Outside of the lion, the major pieces to the design are two big, bold white maple leaves on the left and right panels. The leaves closely resemble those the Maple Leafs use on their alternate sweater or the classic design the club used to use for a primary logo. With the way the leaves have been shaded, it almost gives them the appearance of the leaf atop the Conn Smythe Trophy, which is named after the former Maple Leafs coach and Hockey Hall of Famer. The white, almost-silver accents continue with a striping pattern that runs from the back of the mask to the front alongside the lower edge of the left and right panels. On the chin, Bernier’s No. 45 is set inside another classic-looking maple leaf. As the mask was designed by DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson, it also includes some of the sneaky details one of the league’s most prolific mask painters is known for. On the left panel, tucked behind the white leaf, is the Maple Leafs’ logo among a number of faded white leaves. The faded leaves continue onto the mask’s back panel, as well. Bernier’s choice to go with a more subtle design over the bold, bright colors other netminders have gone with in recent years is a welcome change and it’s sure to look excellent once he hits the ice this season.

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