Maple Leafs officially unveil new primary logo, Marlies also get new look

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Marlies had their new logos unveiled Tuesday. The new logo is a throwback to a retro look, with updated pieces to pay homage to the franchise’s history.

The Toronto Maple Leafs officially unveiled their new logo Tuesday evening following their overtime victory over the Boston Bruins.

The new logo, which was unveiled as part of the Maple Leafs’ series The Leaf: Blueprint, isn’t so much a new design as it is a throwback to the previous designs during Toronto’s most successful seasons.

“As an organization, we wanted to get back to our roots, when Conn Smythe first changed the team logo to the Maple Leaf in 1927,” said Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan said in a statement. “Inspired by the badge that he and his fellow Canadian soldiers wore during World War I, Smythe wanted his team to wear the badge with ‘honour, pride and courage. This is our goal for the next chapter in Leafs history.”

While the logo looks simple, there’s a ton of underlying meaning in the design, which always makes for a more impressive logo.

According to the Maple Leafs, the leaf has 31 points. The use of 31 is a nod to 1931, the year Maple Leaf Gardens was opened. In total, there are also 17 veins, a nod to the founding year of the club, 1917. The final touch, and a really clever one, is placing 13 of the veins at the top of the leaf, one to represent each of the team’s Stanley Cup.

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“We are committed to restoring the Toronto Maple Leafs to a proud and prominent place and this classic logo will connect the team’s championship legacy with an exciting and proud future for our players, our city and for our fans.”

The Marlies also joined the Maple Leafs in adopting the new logo. The Marlies logo will include the crown that has become a staple of the logo.

The full jerseys won’t be unveiled until the 2016 Draft in Buffalo.