Marc Savard’s Fan Shootout answers

I’m a playmaker and I really admire your style. How can I improve my playmaking abilities and scoring touch?
– Aaron Kisel, Ottawa

Practice…Just practice as much as you can. Playing street hockey also helped.

I was wondering how you and Ilya Kovalchuk conquer the language barrier on the ice. Does he speak English well?
– Ryan Kowalski, Holland Landing, Ont.

Ilya actually speaks English very well and there really is no language barrier.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?
– Tammo Lotz, Ulrichstein, Ger.

One of my former teammates (Pat LaFontaine) told me to always keep an even keel and to make sure not to let the highs get too high and the lows get too low.

What has been the best part about coming and playing in Atlanta?
– Amanda Yost, Woodridge, Ill.

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Just getting a chance to play. The GM and coach have been great to me here.

What do you guys do on long flights/road trips to fill the time?
– Brian Brannon, Atlanta

Play PSP, watch movies, read.

What is the reason for your success in Atlanta compared to other teams you’ve played for?
– Patrick Nett, Grand Prairie, Alta.

Our coach has really trusted me and given me a great chance to play every night. I’ve also been fortunate to play with some great scorers. It’s just been a lot of fun.

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