Mats Zuccarello gives hilarious, heartfelt goodbye to Martin St-Louis using ‘Lord of the Rings’ photo

Mats Zuccarello, known as the ‘Norwegian Hobbit,’ turned to the films that gave him his nickname to say goodbye to the freshly retired Martin St-Louis. Zuccarello even threw a bit of wordplay into his caption to top it off.

Aside from being teammates in New York,
Mats Zuccarello and
Martin St-Louis had one thing in common: their stature. So, to say goodbye to his now-former teammate St-Louis, who retired Thursday, Zuccarello turned to Instagram and a fan-made picture of himself and St-Louis as hobbits from the film
Lord of the Rings. Zuccarello and St-Louis formed quite the diminutive duo on the Rangers over the past two seasons, what with Zuccarello standing 5-foot-7 and St-Louis towering over him at 5-foot-8. Both were stars for the Blueshirts, size be darned, but that didn’t stop Zuccarello from being nicknamed the ‘Norwegian Hobbit.’ The “hobbit” nickname is one that has followed Zuccarello for some time now, but bringing St-Louis into the fold to say goodbye as the veteran winger heads to retirement is equal parts endearing and hilarious.

(Image via Reddit user Me_Yorksta) The image went up on Zuccarello’s personal Instagram account shortly after St-Louis announced his retirement and has already been favorited more than 15,000 times. With good reason, too, because Zuccarello went to the
Paul Bissonnette School for Social Media on this one. For those who have seen the films or read the books, the caption will make immediate sense. For the uninitiated, the main character in
Lord of the Rings is a tiny human, a hobbit, named Frodo. Sam, also a hobbit, is Frodo’s sidekick. So, that said, one has to wonder if St-Louis would take kindly to being called Zuccarello’s sidekick. St-Louis, the elder statesman and fresh retiree, would probably consider himself the leader of the pack. It’s hard to not to enjoy how much the theme continues to run through Zuccarello’s post, though. Right down to saying the Rangers will have to chase “the ring” without St-Louis is nice wordplay by Zuccarello.

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