Matt Cooke injures Tyson Barrie with knee – is a suspension next?

Tyson Barrie was forced to leave Game 3 in Minnesota after being injured on a knee from Matt Cooke. Cooke received only a two-minute minor on the play, but will he be suspended for it?

The Colorado Avalanche are already without leading scorer Matt Duchene due to injury – and now they may lose a scoring blueliner after Tyson Barrie’s run-in with Minnesota’s 
reformed bad guy annual recidivist Matt Cooke. Midway through the second period of Game 3, Barrie had the puck near the benches, looking for a play up ice. Cooke came in to apply pressure and lay a shoulder check – only he stuck out the knee instead.

Barrie, who the Avs count on for north of 20 minutes a night, left and did not return to the game, while Cooke came out unscathed with a two minute penalty the Avalanche didn’t convert on. If reputation gets veterans calls from time to time, it should also give stern and immediate punishment to guys like Cooke. It should have been five minutes on the ice – and it should be a healthy suspension next. What’s your call?
UPDATE: Not good news for Barrie, who won’t be back any time soon. And the NHL gave Cooke the option for an in-person hearing, which will allow them to suspend Cooke for five games or more.
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