Matthews, Toews show off sharpshooting ability in awesome shot-for-shot video

The best way to describe Auston Matthews and Jonathan Toews squaring off in a pure shooting competition is pure destruction. The rookie Maple Leaf and veteran Blackhawk destroyed anything they could find.

Ahead of the draft, the comparisons for Auston Matthews were plentiful, but Jonathan Toews was one of the oft-mentioned modern era players that Matthews was projected to be similar to. 

But what better way to compare the Blackhawks captain and the Maple Leafs rookie than seeing them go head-to-head in a shot-for-shot competition?

The video, released by Bauer to promote the Nexus 1N stick, is fantastic. Even the acting to kick it all off isn’t half bad, all things considered. Matthews and Toews take aim at just about everything possible on the rink, but it’s hard to be impressed by anything more than Toews picking out the crossbar on his first attempt. It’s made that much better by Toews’ fist pump and Matthews’ silence followed by a subtly muttered, “I hate you.” Take a look:

The destruction of the objects surrounding the rink makes everything about this more fun, too. Toews’ chortle when Matthews hits the “director’s chair” is Santa-like, and the way the coffee cup explodes with the short saucer pass from Matthews is great.

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From there, Toews takes on a light and Matthews absolutely destroys a camera, and Matthews and Toews battle over the destruction of the craft services table, which offers some of the best jabs throughout the video.

Matthews first calls out Toews for his love of vegetables — seriously, Toews grows his own herbs, lettuce, spinach and greens in his home in Chicago — and then makes fun of the veteran Blackhawks star for not being able to destroy the ice sculpture with a slap shot that doesn’t even manage to touch the table. 

As for Matthews eschewing Toews’ ‘Captain Serious’ moniker in favor of calling him ‘Veggie Man,’ hard to imagine that one’s going to stick. But if you see Matthews and Toews battling on the ice, maybe Matthews will bust it out to try to get under Toews’ skin.

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