May the forecheck be with you: watch Anaheim’s Star Wars opener

The Ducks couldn’t pull off a victory against the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning, but at least there were plenty of distractions for the crowd. Check out the sweet pump-up video for Star Wars night – featuring some very special guests.

You can’t avoid Star Wars these days and hey, if you can have fun with the iconic movie franchise, why would you? The Anaheim Ducks got into the spirit of things yesterday, hosting Star Wars Night at the Honda Center. One of the centerpieces was the game’s video opener, featuring some very special guests:



Some very important questions arise from this video. The most obvious of course, is would Corey Perry shoot first? And speaking of which, how did the Ducks not convince Ryan Kesler to dress up like Han Solo? He’s perfect! The grizzled rogue with a sharp sense of humor? It practically writes itself.

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On top of the video, the Anaheim game featured tons of folks in costume, including the Power Players ice crew in Princess Leia outfits and mascot Wild Wing re-made to look like a Sith Lord. Unfortunately, the Ducks dropped the game 2-1 to Tampa Bay. So the Force is strong in these guys, just not that strong.