Mike Cammalleri


Los Angeles Kings center

Height: 5-9 Weight: 185

DOB: June 8, 1982 In: Richmond Hill, Ont.

Hockey Inspirations: “I would say Wayne Gretzky, the obvious one. Maybe Joe Sakic, Pavel Bure.”

Nicknames: “Cammy. It’s been Cammy pretty much all along.”

Hobbies/Interests: “Golf and real estate.”

Favorite Movies: “Raging Bull, A Bronx Tale.”

Favorite TV Show: “Right now it’s The Office.”

Musical Tastes: “Van Morrison. Other than that, pretty much the Top 40.”

First Hockey Memory:
“Ponds. Having my dad drop me off and skate with me on the pond (age 3).”

Pre-Game Feeling: “I do like a big stretching and workout kind of routine – before warmups. Then I try and get focused, just try and kinda relax and focus my mind. And just think about what things are going to make the team successful that night.”

First Job: “Hockey player.”

First Car: “Honda Accord (silver).”

Favorite Meal: “Veal parm.”

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: “Honey Nut Crunch-something like that. Whatever it’s called, Bunch of Honey Nut Crunches, something along those lines [smiles].”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Chocolate.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “It’s tough to pick one right now. Hasn’t happened yet.”

Most Painful Moment: “Ooooh, probably breaking my leg. Or actually probably losing in the World Junior Championships to Russia in the final, when I was 19.”

Worst Injury:

Favorite Uniforms: “I like the old original uniforms. I like the Red Wings, the Leafs, Blackhawks, Canadiens. The Original Six.”

Favorite Arena:
“I’d say Toronto, for me. Because it’s home, where everybody is.”

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Funniest Players Encountered: “Army’s pretty funny. Who else…Kutsy. Tom Kostopoulos. Practical joker.”

Toughest Competitors: “Oooh, toughest competitors…Pronger’s pretty hard to play against. He’s a good, hard competitor. Good player, real good player. Great player.”

Funny Hockey Memory: “Playing in college, I was at Michigan. We were playing against Michigan State in Michigan State. And I got announced for the starting lineup. And I took two strides and I fell face-first. I got a standing ovation from the opposing fans and they wouldn’t stop clapping until I acknowledged them. So I had to give them a wave [smiles].”

Last Halloween Costume: “I think I was a basketball player. A Laker.”

Favorite Hockey Players To Watch: “I’d say Sakic is my favorite player in the league right now.”

Favorite Athletes To Watch:
“LeBron. I love LeBron’s game. (What about NFL?) Peyton and Eli Manning. (Tennis?) Roger Federer. Amazing. Unbelievable. (Boxing?) Muhammad Ali. Watching the old clips is great. I read his book. Pretty exciting. (Golf?) Freddie Couples. (Why him?) Just [has been a] childhood idol of mine. I’ve been a big golfer since I was a kid. He’s my favorite and I actually got the pleasure of meeting him a few times. Jeremy Roenick knows him. He actually goes to a lot of their games in Phoenix, so he introduced me to him a couple of times and I’ve gotten to know him now. So it’s pretty exciting for me.”

People Qualities Most Admired: “Honesty and character I’d say.”