Mike Peluso

Status: NHL left winger from 1990 to 1998 for Chicago, Ottawa, New Jersey, St. Louis, Calgary. Currently serves as a scout for Edmonton.
DOB: Nov. 8, 1965  In: Pengilly, Minn.
Early Hockey Memory: “I scored a game-winning goal in peewee to win a tournament in overtime. I was a short, fat kid. Never got an opportunity to get a lot of goals. The puck came to my stick, the net was open and I put it in. I was mobbed by all the guys. Everybody came off the bench.”
Childhood Heroes
: “Dick Butkus, Gale Sayers.”
Favorite Movies: “The Great Outdoors with John Candy. A Bronx Tale.”
Nicknames: “The Big P – from Mike Keenan. P-Man. P.”
First Job: “Swan Lake Country Club in Pengilly, Minn. Me and my buddy, we’d do the watering system at night. I enjoyed it. It was nice to do it with a friend. I was 16.”
First Car: “Orange and black Ford Mustang Turbo…1985.”
Greatest Sports Moment: “Winning the Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils (1995).”
Closest Hockey Friends: “Adam Creighton.”
Funniest Players Encountered: “Bernie Nicholls. His house could burn down and he’d come to the rink with a smile. Always positive with a big smile on his face; a tremendously positive person.”
Toughest Competitors Encountered: “Lyle Odelein. I hated him, but he came to play every night. Randy McKay. I think we fought 10 times. One night we had a few beers and we counted them. We became linemates. We respect each other. Dirk Graham. He was a tremendous leader. The person I most respect in hockey.”
Favorite Meal: “Chicken, pasta.”
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  “Cookies and cream yogurt.”
Childhood Dream: “I had a real supportive family. Division I hockey scholarship – that was a goal.”

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Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: “Fishing, golf with my brothers and sister.”
Favorite Uniforms: “Chicago Blackhawks.”
Pre-game Feeling: “I’d get to the rink early. Stop at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way and get a large coffee. Come down, listen to music. Sometimes I beat the trainers to the rink. Preparation was very important to me. The speed of the game is so intense and I like to be prepared. I put my equipment on 20 minutes early. I’d think of my responsibilities – in the defensive zone, sticking up for my teammates. Look at the opposing team’s lineup to see who I might have to fight. I think I played my best games a little scared, nervous.”
People Most Admired: “Kansas City Chiefs. The whole team – they were my heroes. I have a scrapbook and a card collection of them. I know all the players – Ed Podolak, Len Dawson, Lionel Taylor, Jan Stenerud.
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