Mike Smith’s retro mask features frightening Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is an Arizona Coyotes fan, classic rock legend and, now, the scariest man to ever appear on the mask of an NHL goaltender. For Coyotes retro night, Mike Smith’s mask will feature Cooper’s mug giving a wide-eyed stare. Spooky.

When the
Arizona Coyotes announced they would be having a retro night, it would have been easy to assume the scariest thing would be the return of the “kachina” jerseys. Turns out it’s
Mike Smith’s mask. Mask designer and artist
David Arrigo released a first-look at Smith’s mask on his website, and to say the back panel is frightening would be an understatement. Though the mask itself is a clean and beautiful representation of the old Coyotes logo, the back panel features classic rock icon Alice Cooper staring into your soul. Check it out:

Mike Smith retro mask design
Mike Smith Retro Mask Back Panel Of the design, Arrigo writes that it took some convincing for Cooper to be featured on the back of the mask. The rocker is a Coyotes fan and Arizona resident, but Smith wanted the moon from the Coyotes kachina jerseys to be featured on the mask instead. “I thought the image of Alice’s unique look on the backplate would really make this a conversation piece (not to mention I think it would look cool as heck!),” wrote Arrigo. “For once I got my way!” We’re glad he did, too, because this is one of the best masks we’ve seen all season. It’s enough to make you feel bad for those who have seats behind Smith for the March 5 game. On top of donning the retro sweaters for the game, the Coyotes will also hand out Jeremy Roenick bobbleheads to the first 5,000 fans in attendance.

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