Milan Lucic mayhem headlines Battle of California opener

Lucic’s debut with the Los Angeles Kings ended slightly early last night after he was ejected for going after San Jose’s star center, who had just levelled ‘Looch’ with a monster hip check.

Welcome to California, Milan Lucic. No one said it would be easy.

The erstwhile Boston Bruins bruiser joined the Los Angeles Kings via trade this summer, making L.A. even tougher to play against. So it was a bit of a shocker that San Jose’s Logan Couture was the one bringing the thunder on Lucic in the season opener:

As you can see, Lucic didn’t take too kindly to getting propelled into the air. In fact, he was assessed a match penalty for his antics, which Couture said included an elbow to the head.

A match penalty means an automatic suspension, pending the league’s ruling on the issue – though Elliotte Friedman reports that no further discipline is expected. Lucic was ejected from the game, however, which Los Angeles lost 5-1. New Sharks captain Joe Pavelski led the way with three points.

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Lucic didn’t believe that he deserved a match penalty for going after Couture:

“I didn’t like it so I reacted to it,” he told Puck Daddy’s Josh Cooper. “I don’t know why I got a match penalty. I didn’t cross any line. Obviously I deserved a penalty but I don’t know why it was called a match penalty.”

Couture was equally perplexed by Lucic’s reaction to getting dusted:

Couture was bagged himself by Dustin Brown earlier in the game, catching the Kings captain’s helmet in the nose:

And before that, San Jose’s Mike Brown had a pretty good scrap with L.A.’s Kyle Clifford:

Oh, Battle of California…we missed you.