Minnesota Wild prospect goes between the legs for jaw-dropping, highlight reel goal

Minnesota’s 2012 sixth-round draft pick Christoph Bertschy scored a highlight reel goal that took equal parts skill and guts. Watch as the 20-year-old Swiss standout goes between the legs with defenders chasing him.

There’s no telling what kind of impact, if any, Minnesota 2012 sixth-round draft pick Christoph Bertschy will have in the NHL. What is for certain is that he’ll be turning some heads with this between-the-legs partial breakaway tally.

The goal, which comes from the Switzerland’s top league, put Bertschy’s SC Bern ahead of the Kloten Flyers 5-1 and was a little bit of salt rubbed into the wounds of a team already being beaten soundly:

Much like a similar goal scored by San Jose Sharks winger Tomas Hertl last season, opinions are going to differ whether or not Bertschy should have even pulled the tricky maneuver with his team ahead by more than a couple goals. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, there has to be at least some appreciation for Bertschy’s quick thinking, deft hands, and gutsiness of pulling the move with a defender right on his back.

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At only 20 years old, Bertschy might not be ready to make the jump over to the NHL quite yet, but moves like this – and an impressive 11 goals and 23 points heading into Saturday – are sure to get him noticed around the big league.