Miss Canada’s hockey-themed dress must be seen to be believed

Miss Universe Canada took the stage for the national costume round and skated around her competition in an unconventional nod to Canada’s hockey heritage. With the Stanley Cup, a handful of sticks, and ‘skates,’ she became a finalist for the Miss Universe National Costume Fan Vote.

There’s a stereotype that all Canadians like hockey. It doesn’t help when kids playing the national pastime used to be on the back of the five dollar bill, and neither will this. Miss Universe Canada, 26-year-old Chanel Beckenlehner, was tasked with wearing a costume that best represented her home country. Adorned with hockey sticks, knee high skate-esque boots, and the Stanley Cup sitting atop her head, Beckenlehner took the stage for the national costume round. It’s a thing to behold.

Miss Universe Canada Chantal Beckenlehner Beckenlehner’s costume was such a hit that she’s become a finalist for the Miss Universe National Costume Fan Vote. There’s a lot of great subtle touches to it, if I may say so. The bottom of the dress does its best to look like two posts and a crossbar, the bottom of the boots are made to look like blades, and she’s rocking elbow and shoulder pads. Beckenlehner also appears to have netting from a goal to make up part of the dress. The Caledon, Ont. native is a student at the University of Toronto, where she studies political science, and while she may not be the next Hayley Wickenheiser, she says she’s an avid golfer. Maybe the next Lorie Kane is in her wheelhouse. The pageant runs until Sunday, Jan. 25, when a winner will be crowned. If Beckenlehner loses, maybe we’ll even see her jersey her competition.

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