Modern Motown? Check out Detroit’s Stadium Series jersey

The Detroit Red Wings are changing things up for the Stadium Series game against the Colorado Avalanche. Instead of using the Winged Wheel, the Red Wings are going with a stylized ‘D’ and a jersey that was “inspired by modern automotive aesthetics.”

The Detroit Red Wings have one of the most iconic logos in all of sports, but don’t expect to see it front and center at the Stadium Series in Denver when the Red Wings visit the Colorado Avalanche. In an event for season ticket holders Monday, the Red Wings unveiled their jerseys for the outdoor contest against the Avalanche, which is set to take place Feb. 27. The jerseys are unlike anything Detroit has ever worn before. While some teams who’ve taken part in outdoor games — the Red Wings among them — have gone with retro looks, this is a brand new, modernized design for Detroit. Take a look:

Red Wings Datsyuk StadSeries jersey The jersey looks like a modernized version of what the Red Wings wore during the 2009 Winter Classic in Chicago. That jersey, a throwback to the 1926-27 Detroit Cougars, had a horizontal stripe with a stylized ‘D’ logo. This new jersey inverts the colors — red background with white stripe — and has an update ‘D’ logo as the crest. The Winged Wheel is still present, but, like that 2009 jersey, is only used as a shoulder patch. There’s also somewhat of a NASCAR feel to the way the logo is placed within the stripe, and the race car feel seems to be something the Red Wings were after.
Per their website, the diagonal placement of the stripe “is inspired by modern automotive aesthetics, and is a tribute to the automotive industry that has been a foundation of the city of Detroit.” As has become standard on jerseys for the outdoor games, the numbers on the sleeves are much bigger than standard, every-game jerseys, while the collar features two interesting marks. On the left is the Red Wings’ name, embroidered into the collar, with the team’s first season, 1926, stitched into the neckline. The collar style is also similar to those which will be worn by the Avalanche and the Winter Classic teams, the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens.
According to ABC Detroit, the Red Wings will have a big Winged Wheel logo on their pants and will also be wearing white gloves with the uniform, which can be seen below.

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