Montreal Canadiens allow only minimal changes on new jerseys

The new form-fitting, water-resistant Rbk Edge sweaters were unveiled Tuesday at the Canadiens annual charity golf tournament. They are almost identical to the models the team has worn for decades.

In the collar area of the red, white and blue home jersey and the white away jersey, one of two thin blue lines has been removed from the neck. Like the league’s 29 other clubs, who will also wear Rbk Edge gear this season, they now have the NHL logo on the neck.

Team owner George Gillett said there was no question of a total redesign of the jersey that has remained largely unchanged since the NHL was formed in 1917, except for 1924-25 when the CH logo on the front was replaced for one season by a globe.

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“We weighed in heavily,” said Gillett. “Some of the early models that were designed were not appropriate for us and they left behind a lot of our history.

“So the Canadiens weighed in and some alterations were made. It’s quite an attractive jersey.”