Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins? Now that’s a Winter Classic

Multiple sources are reporting that the next outdoor game to hit the schedule will be a tilt between two classic blood rivals in New England. Hard to argue with the Habs and Bruins in the snow, isn’t it?

Outdoor NHL games have gone through all different permutations in the past few seasons, but multiple sources are reporting that the next one will be a show-stopper. Drink this one in: Montreal vs. Boston at Gillette Stadium, home of the NFL’s New England Patriots.

Both the Habs and Bruins have played outdoors in the past, but never against each other. With Foxborough being about five hours away from Montreal, you can bet on a big contingent of Canadiens fans making the trek and that will make for a boisterous atmosphere – especially if there’s enough snow to throw at each other in the stands.

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Gillette Stadium holds more than 68,000 fans for football. The announcement is expected to be made at the NHL All-Star Game in Columbus this week, though the date for the game itself is unknown.