Montreal cold in Laraque handling

James Neeson, Toronto

Georges Laraque deserved better from the Canadiens. The timing of their decision on cutting Laraque could not have been much worse.

I would think that Bob Gainey of all people would know what Laraque is going through and that piling this on at the same time would be just a little cold and harsh.

Yes, hockey is a business. But in a situation like this, showing a little heart would not be the worst thing to do.

Laraque isn’t exactly sinking that team, so I don’t really see the harm in letting him stay for another two or three weeks while Haiti is being helped.

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Two or three weeks is a very small price to pay to make your organization look more professional and more personable, while also not completely crushing a player.

Just think, how many players are now going to take Montreal over another team in the free agent market?

There will still be plenty of players willing to go there, but Gainey just cut off many third and fourth line forwards and third pair defensemen.

Way to go, Bob. Keep up the good work and keep Montreal classy.