Montreal fans not alone in bad behavior

Russ Thibeault, Norwood, Mass.

Reading your publication, I get the impression Montreal fans are the only fans who have misbehaved this post-season.

I attended playoff games in Philadelphia and Montreal and wonder why Montreal has been singled out?

In Philadelphia, tires were slashed and a license plate was stolen off a car with Quebec plates. After a Flyer win, Habs fans were told to go home (I am being polite here) and chants of “USA, USA, USA” filled the arena – this is not the Olympics and the Flyers’ roster is filled with Canadian players.

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Moreover, after 40 years of watching hockey, I have never seen fans of the winning team taunt the losing team as the Flyers fans did when they sang “Ole” as the players were shaking hands.

It was quite a contrast: Players embracing and acknowledging each other’s efforts while the fans were singing.

Sadly, there has been much fan ignorance in these playoffs, and not just in Montreal.

Please tell the whole story.