Mumps outbreak has anthem as Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” gets parody treatment

The NHL’s mumps outbreak finally has the song you’ve been waiting for. Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” gets the parody treatment in this ukulele driven ode to the league’s strangest story.

During the NHL’s mumps outbreak, every fan has been wishing for the same thing: what we need is a Taylor Swift parody to accurately describe the whole ordeal.

Wish no longer, hockey fans. Thanks to Tally Deushane, the co-host of the Girls Just Wanna Have Puck podcast, we now have a ukulele parody of Swift’s Blank Space, complete with lyrics like, “You got a mumps face, baby, better vaccinate.”

Move over, Weird Al Yankovic.

From the first to the last note, the entire song is a perfect parody. There’s not a single word out of place, and Deushane works in a reference to each of Corey Perry, Tanner Glass, Ryan Suter, and, maybe most impressively, Jonas Brodin. With several teams and over a dozen players having dealt with the virus, the situation was ripe for parody, and I think we can all be thankful it’s finally happened.

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All that’s left is to finally put an end to the outbreak. Here’s hoping.

(Thanks to Puck Daddy for first posting the video.)