Murray says Brodeur playing mind games with criticism of goalie Emery

But Murray feels it’s only natural to try to put an opponent off his game with a well-placed comment during the NHL playoffs.

“You do whatever you can to set the stage for the next game,” said Murray. “You try to do whatever you can to rattle, discourage, whatever the case may be.

“I think Ray’s just getting better.”

The Senators have taken a 3-1 lead over Brodeur and his Devils in their Eastern Conference semifinal series and can finish them off with a win in Game 5 on Saturday night.

After Ottawa’s 3-2 win on Wednesday night, Brodeur told reporters that Emery “was bobbling a lot of pucks.

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“We could have got a lot more goals. We exposed him a bit with rebounds and we’ll try to do that again,” said Brodeur, a candidate for the Hart and Vezina trophies.

That comment came after Brodeur let in two soft goals.

Emery had a shutout in Game 3 and made 29 saves for the win in Game 4, although he did look shaky at times and gave up some alarming rebounds that were swept away by his defence.