Nathan Gerbe vs. Tomas Hertl: Which between-the-legs goal was better?

Nathan Gerbe scored a beautiful highlight goal Wednesday night that was very similar to Tomas Hertl’s viral goal from earlier in the season. Which one is better?

Take that, No Fun crowd.

Carolina short man Nathan Gerbe ensured he’ll be on end-of-season and end-of-year highlight packages in April and December in 2014 with this pretty and unexpected breakaway goal against the Philadelphia Flyers Wednesday night.

Feelings were possibly hurt on the play.

The goal gave the Hurricanes a 2-0 second period lead on the Flyers and accounted for Gerbe’s 10th marker of the season.

Obviously, this brings back memories of Tomas Hertl’s goal against the New York Rangers earlier this season. So, which one was better?

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On the one hand, Hertl is a rookie and his tally capped off a four-goal game. On the other, the goalie Hertl was shooting at is retired today and it happened at the tail end of a blowout. Gerbe’s came with the game still very much in the air.

What’s the verdict? Gerbe’s goal or Hertl’s highlight?