Need last-minute wrapping tips? Let Jakub Voracek and Michael Raffl help

When it comes to last-minute gift-wrapping, be thankful you don’t have to rely on Philadelphia Flyers teammates Jakub Voracek and Michael Raffl. The pair may be good on the ice, but their skills at a wrapping station are suspect.

Wrapping gifts isn’t easy. It’s especially difficult if you try following the method either Jakub Voracek or Michael Raffl employ.

So, before you begin that last-minute wrapping effort, why not check out the video of Philadelphia Flyers teammates Voracek and Raffl take on a couple gifts of their own. If Raffl’s use-the-whole-roll-of-wrapping-paper technique isn’t working for you, why not try out Voracek’s patented all fours method.

Wrapping is a full body exercise for the pair of Flyers.

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If there’s one big takeaway, it’s that the best method is the one where you use an entire roll of tape to surround the gift. You can’t have anyone peeking at his or her gift, and that’s a surefire method to keep prying eyes from getting a glimpse of what’s supposed to be a holiday surprise. Raffl was sure to show us all how it’s done.