Nets don’t need to be bigger; players need to be more accurate

Let’s stop all the talk about making the nets larger. That is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s start by asking why so many shooters can’t hit the net when they have a great scoring chance.

I have been watching hockey for about 40 years and never have I seen it as bad as it currently is. I see, on a nightly basis, many times where an NHLer has a great scoring chance with no one on him and all you hear is the loud bang as the puck hits the boards behind the net.

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Hockey is a great game the way it is, making the nets larger is not the solution, practice hitting the nets we have is a much better answer than making a change to the net size, which hasn’t been changed as long as I can remember.

Maybe expansion has created a lower talent level or less of a desire to practice the fundamentals.

James B. Savas, Ozark, Mo.