New flavors of chicken wings

I went to Wingporium the other day where they boast something like 89 different flavors of chicken wings.

After noticing Thai Domi in the spicy category, I couldn’t help but try and come up with additional flavors for them in their quest to reach 100. And I figured why not name them after current NHL players. We’re going there to watch the game anyway.

Here are my 10 suggestions.

10. Matt ‘Extra’ Cooked.

9. Kris ‘Super’ Letangy.

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8. Jesse ‘Add a’ Bowl of rice.

7. Tim Greasin’.

6. Greg ‘Side order of’ de Fries.

5. Mark ‘Heartburn’ Heart-again.

4. Kurt ‘Sweet and’ Sour.

3. Dunkin’ Heat.

2. Crispy Huselius.

1. Travis Moan.

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