New video features map of every NHL logo ever, plus “Brass Bonanza”

Take a trip through time with this look at how the NHL has evolved over the past near-century with this super-cool effort from Ann Frazier of Fear the Fin.

This is fun. Ann Frazier of the San Jose-centric Fear the Fin blog has posted a video that details every team in the NHL by season, with the logo changing based on the year. Not only does it bring short-lived teams such as the Quebec Bulldogs, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Quakers and St. Louis Eagles to the fore, but it’s also interesting to look at the map and see just how long Los Angeles was marooned out in the Southwest before a flood of teams (Sharks, Ducks and Coyotes) joined them. Plus, the video is set to the classic Hartford Whalers anthem “Brass Bonanza,” which you now have stuck in your head:

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