Newspaper headline congratulates Chicago Bears on Stanley Cup victory

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup Monday evening, but the Chicago Bears got all the credit in The Korea Times. In Wednesday’s edition of the newspaper, the sports section ran a story about the Stanley Cup final and made quite the error in the headline.

While the NFL’s Chicago Bears haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1985, their Stanley Cup drought stretches even longer because, well, they play football and not hockey. That’s why a headline in The Korea Times has been catching some eyes and raising some questions. The newspaper’s sports section ran a story from the Associated Press in their Wednesday edition regarding the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup victory. The story itself covers off the Blackhawks’ win, Chicago’s “dynasty” status and the career-capping Cup victory for Kimmo Timonen. While the good intentioned bit of coverage of the Stanley Cup final is a great thing for the game, not so great is the headline, which stated the Bears had clinched the NHL’s top prize:

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(Image via Reddit) We’re not quite sure whether or not this is the work of some Chicago Superfans (Da Bears!), but we can assure you the Blackhawks are coached by Joel Quenneville and not Mike Ditka, and that it was ‘Coach Q’ that hoisted the Stanley Cup for the third time in six seasons Monday night. The blunder is simply that: a mistake and those are going to happen. But one has to hope they don’t happen when covering the most important night of a team and league’s season. So close, Korea Times. So close.