NHL accidentally leaks third jerseys for Colorado and Anaheim

Both the Ducks and Avalanche will rock new third jerseys this season, with both teams dipping into their past as part of the design. The big question of course, is do they pass with flying colors?

It’s hard to keep anything under wraps these days, especially when your own league conspires against you. The Colorado Avalanche and Anaheim Ducks both had new third jerseys in the works this summer and now, thanks to the official NHL Shop, those designs appear to have been leaked. Check out the sweaters from TSN’s Instagram page:

The NHL Shop accidentally leaked the new Avalanche & Ducks 3rd jerseys

A photo posted by TSN (@tsn_official) on

Right off the hop, we see that both teams have referenced the past, but in modern ways.

For the Ducks, they’ve gone back to their original logo, but blown out the orange from their current jerseys to create a hybrid. The current Anaheim emblem moves to the shoulder.

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Colorado gives a shout-out to the old NHL Rockies with their logo, with the ‘C’ in the middle also featured on their new primary sweaters for 2015-16 as the shoulder crest. The state flag is on the shoulder of this third jersey, which was also the inspiration for the original Rockies logo.

In terms of color scheme, it’s a new dark blue for these thirds. The last time Colorado did an alternate sweater, the Avs blew out the lighter blue that had been an accent color on the main jersey.

So, what do you think, kind readers?