NHL draft lottery to take place April 14

The lottery to determine the draft order for the first 14 picks in the NHL draft in June will take place Tuesday, April 14th, with the results being announced at 8:00 p.m.

Teams may move up only four spots if they win the lottery, so the only ones that can end up with the first overall selection are those that finish in the bottom-five. The most any team can move down in the order is one spot.

The weighted system allows the team with the fewest points in the regular season with the greatest chance (25 percent) of winning the lottery. That team is also guaranteed at least the second overall selection.

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Below are the chances each team has of winning the lottery:

30th ….. 25.0%
29th ….. 18.8%
28th ….. 14.2%
27th ….. 10.7%
26th ….. 8.1%
25th ….. 6.2%
24th ….. 4.7%
23rd ….. 3.6%
22nd ….. 2.7%
21st ….. 2.1%
20th ….. 1.5%
19th ….. 1.1%
18th ….. 0.8%
17th ….. 0.5%

The NHL Entry Draft is scheduled to commence June 26 at 7:00 p.m. at the Bell Centre in Montreal, with all subsequent rounds to take place June 27.