NHL extends regular season by one day to make up for postponed games

The winter storm that wreaked havoc on the East Coast resulted in three postponed games. The NHL has announced new dates for the games, and two will be played April 10, which means the regular season will be extended by one day.

The winter storm that his the East Coast has caused the NHL to extend the regular season by one extra day, as the final day of games will now take place April 10, not April 9 as was previously set to be the last day of action before the post-season.

The three games that were pushed back came on consecutive days, all in the final week before the all-star break began. The postponements began with the Jan. 22 game between the Anaheim Ducks and Washington Capitals before a Jan. 23 game between the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Islanders had to be moved due to weather. The Capitals had another game pushed back when the storm hadn’t cleared enough for them to host the Pittsburgh Penguins Jan. 24.

The NHL announced new dates for the three games Tuesday afternoon.

Of all three games that were moved, the troublesome contest was the Jan. 22 game. Being in opposite conferences, the Capitals and Ducks only have two meetings per season: one in Anaheim and one in Washington. Beyond that, the two teams couldn’t be much farther apart. That contest, as well as the tilt between the Flyers and Islanders, will be the two games played on April 10.

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The game between the Penguins and Capitals, divisional rivals who play several times a season, has been moved to March 1.

With the lead the Capitals have atop the Metropolitan Division, having two of their games at the tail-end of the season shouldn’t have too much impact on where they stand heading into the post-season or whether or not they make the playoffs. Realistically, it could even give the Capitals the opportunity to rest players heading into the post-season.