NHL has never been able to attract fans or increase goals

I am tired of the NHL changing the game in order to bring in new fans, who never come.

Over the past 12 years or so, the league has gone to great lengths to bring more fans to hockey. The NHL is convinced a higher scoring game will make fans flock to the game.

I am not convinced that a higher scoring game is better or that the league knows anything about producing a higher scoring game.

For instance, remember when the nets were 10 feet from the end boards? The league moved them to 13 feet in order to increase scoring: It didn’t work.

Then they moved them back to 11 feet again to make a higher scoring game: That didn’t work either.

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They have already reduced goalie equipment and that hasn’t worked. All the while, the non-hockey fan stays away from the game because the only time the media pays any attention in the States is when Chris Simon or Marty McSorley or Todd Bertuzzi does something bad and the non-fan says, “See?! That’s the only thing that happens in that game!”

Gary Bettman and the NHL will not be happy until the goalies wear no pads, they bring in soccer nets and the final score is 14-10.

And guess what? Hockey will have even fewer fans because those of us who already love the game will no longer attend.

Scott Bagley, Wake Forest, N.C.