NHL highlights are surprisingly awesome when set to Taylor Swift music

Fans took it upon themselves to make their own playoff commercials with Taylor Swift music. And they’re awesome.

For the past several years the NHL has been known for making heart-wrenching commercials promoting the Stanley Cup playoffs. Going back to the award-winning — and highly parodied — History Will Be Made campaign, the NHL has a knack for evoking history and tugging at the heart strings.

History Will Be Made, and Because It’s the Cup have become well known catch phrases in hockey circles. Other standout commercials from years past include Cup Raise and No Words, both classics.

As the playoffs approach, many fans are eagerly awaiting this year’s edition of the commercials. Hockey fan Carolyn Wilke, who runs the Today’s Slapshot website, tweeted that the NHL should use Taylor Swift songs for the commercial. Some of her followers took it upon themselves to make their own commercials with Swift music.

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And they’re awesome.

In the first one, maybe a few too many non-playoff teams featured in the highlights, but the Stanley Cup shots and the white gloves going on are great. And ‘Wildest Dreams’ is right in the wheelhouse of what the NHL goes for. Similar to the Jonathon Toews Wish commercial. The second one goes big on history, and is also great.

Well done, fans. I would like to see these on my TV.