NHL logo rankings No. 17: Edmonton Oilers

Our ranking countdown of the 30 NHL logos continues with a look at the Edmonton Oilers at No. 17. This one is, like it did within our own group, is likely to divide opinions. Think you can design a better one? Send your art to and we’ll share our favorites at the end of our ranking rollout.

By placing Edmonton at No. 17 on our list, that leaves the Montreal Canadiens with the No. 1 logo among the seven Canadian teams. Will the Habs logo rank first among all NHL logos? You’ll have to wait and find out. When our panel of seven THN staffers debated and argued over the Oilers design, the room was split on where it should rank against other NHL logos. Some thought the look was outdated and ugly, fit for the bottom-third of the league – a place the Oilers have become accustomed to in recent years. But others – like myself – enjoyed the design and pushed for a higher ranking than this. And that goes to show how much these rankings are determined by personal tastes more than scientifically breaking down the aesthetics of each one. To each his own. After our voting was done, the Oilers ended up in that mushy middle. I’ll be interested to see what the commenters below think of the Oilers logo. Think you can design a better look for the Oilers? Here’s your chance. Create your best logo redesign for Edmonton and send it to us at and we’ll share our favorite reader redesigns at the conclusion of our 30 NHL logo rankings. All logo from
Chris Creamer’s website.
Did you know that, in their first year as a WHA team, the Oilers were called the Alberta Oilers? The Calgary (Broncos) team never got off the ground for the inaugural WHA season in 1972 and a provincial rivalry that was supposed to hatch that year never did. In response, the Oilers wanted to represent the province and intended to split their home games between Edmonton and Calgary. That plan never came to pass, though, as they stayed in Edmonton all season. After Year 1, the Oilers went back to calling themselves Edmonton as originally intended and, in 1975, the Calgary Cowboys joined the WHA after they relocated from Vancouver. The Oilers look is a throwback in the modern day. Its font screams 1970s and the droopy, thick lettering adds to the character. It’s a look that also fits with the name. The original colors were a royal blue with an orange oil drop that really popped.
Edmonton Oilers

Now, the Oilers’ logo hasn’t changed very much at all in their history, but in their last years in the WHA, the color scheme did change on the jersey crest. However, I’m not sure this one was for the better. Although the official primary logo for Edmonton stayed the same, a lot of orange was added to it on the jersey. We’ve only been focusing on the primary logos for each team during these rankings, but because Edmonton’s has changed so little, we’re going to throw in these orange ones for you to look at, just to give you a taste of something a little different. These colors, when layered like this, clash horribly and are difficult to look at. Hard to believe this appeared on their jerseys.
Edmonton Oilers  
Edmonton Oilers Over the years, Edmonton’s royal blue text and orange oil drop were darkened to a navy blue and copper, but the logo itself didn’t change much. An orange circle was added around the blue outline in the mid-90s and, really, this was the biggest change made to the primary look. This circle has since been removed and more orange has been returned to the jersey, recapturing that classic Wayne Gretzky-era style.
Edmonton Oilers Again, since there’s not been much change here in 40-plus years, it’s worth taking a look at two alternate logos Edmonton used for a few years in the mid-90s and early 2000’s. There’s the
“mechanical” oil drop (which I think looks terrible) and an
oil worker using a hockey stick as a lever. In my opinion, neither of these logos would have been an improvement – don’t fix what isn’t broken. What do you think?
Dissenting opinion: “I just love the color combination. The royal blue and, especially, the orange stands out. It’s a classic look with some flavor. When our group of seven debated these logo rankings, I had this one in my top five.”
– Rory Boylen

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Think you can design a better look for the Oilers that would move them up in our rankings? Send your design to editorial@thehockeynews and we’ll share the best reader submissions once we finish rolling out all 30 of our logo rankings.

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