NHL logo rankings No. 27: Vancouver Canucks

Our ranking of the 30 NHL logos continues at No. 27 with the Vancouver Canucks. They’ve gone from the stick-in-rink, to the waffle iron Flying Skate, to the orca whale – and the colors have changed, too. Think you can design a better Vancouver look?

The Vancouver Canucks have had a few primary logos in franchise history – and we think the current look isn’t very good. Why? Because in 1995 the Canucks came under control of Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment and though the name was changed to Canucks Sports and Entertainment in 2008, it’s the same thing. And in 1997, the Canucks changed their color and logo away from the streaking skate to the current whale, which could also stand for the ownership company. So this logo promoted the ownership as much as it did the hockey team. Major turn off for us. But at least with Vancouver being a coastal city the whale jumping up out of the water makes sense. And, of course, the “C” stands for Canucks. So while we aren’t fans of the Canucks logo, it isn’t the worst because a) it’s a logo, unlike Washington’s look, and b) it does make sense for the city. But we like some of their alternate logos better. Think you can design an improved logo for the Canucks? As we’ve done with
Carolina, Colorado and Washington, we’re opening it up to you, the reader, to get creative and come up with your own design for the Vancouver Canucks. Use whichever color scheme you want, whether it’s the current combination, the old yellow, orange and black, or some other variation, and send it in to After we’ve finished rolling out all 30 NHL logo rankings, we’ll pick the best redesigns for each team and share them on the blog. (All logos below are from
Chris Creamer’s website.)

North Vancouver’s Joe Borovich hit the nail on the head with his Stink-in-Rink design for the very first Vancouver Canucks NHL logo. The blue and green color combination connect well and the stick that breaks up the oval makes the logo into a “C” formation for Canucks. Vancouver enjoyed its first success with this logo, finishing atop the Smythe Division in 1974-75, although they were bounced in Round 1 of the playoffs. This one was so good the team throws back to it often today. The Canucks’ colors and look have changed a few times over the years, but none are better than the original. Here’s hoping the Canucks go back to this look full-time someday. Hey, they’d move up in our rankings.
canucks1 The black, gold and orange (later yellow and red) color scheme was introduced in 1978-79 and though the skate blade was the main logo, the awful, awful jerseys hid it on the shoulder.
Rememeber the Flying V? Yikes.
When the ‘Flying Skate” was placed on the chest of the jersey, Vancouver’s look took a turn for the better. Much better. The jersey change was made in 1985 and this logo – sometimes referred to as the waffle iron – became a symbol of success in the early-’90s when the Canucks won a few division titles and reached the Stanley Cup final in 1994. Alas, the colors and design would change again just three years later.
canucks The totem pole-like orca whale made its first appearance during the 1997-98 season and though it related to the ownership’s company, it also connects with Vancouver’s heritage. The ocean, the whale, the ‘C’ for Canucks and a native touch all tie the logo to the city and the region. The navy blue and maroon is a sharp turn away from the clashing colors that came right before.
canucks2 In 2007-08, the Canucks combined present and past. They kept the orca whale logo, but changed the team’s colors to match the original look from 1970-71. Blue and green returned, as did Johnny Canuck and the stick-in-rink as an alternate logo.
Dissenting opinion: The Mona Lisa this ain’t, but No. 27? That’s a bit low considering how well the logo reflects its region. I don’t care if it’s a reference to the parent company that owns the Canucks. Orca? Check. Haida-style, totem pole-inspired art? Check. Both those things tie to B.C.’s roots. 
– Matt Larkin  

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Think you can do a better job with the Canucks logo? Try designing your own look, using whichever color scheme you want, and send your work to After we finish rolling out all 30 NHL logo rankings, we’ll showcase the best reader redesigns. Which Vancouver Canucks logo do you like most?


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