NHL needs more consistency in suspensions

Did I miss something? I thought I saw Chris Pronger stomping on Ryan Kesler`s calf. I also saw Kesler try to wrap his legs around Pronger`s to tie him up, but I definitely saw a deliberate stomping motion on Pronger`s part after that.

Is the NHL telling me there wasn’t enough video evidence to warrant a suspension?

Something has to be done in the off-season to rectify the current policy on suspensions. If the NHL wants to protect its players by reducing the amount of reckless acts on the ice, then it needs to start punishing players when incidents like this occur.

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Send a message already. Anything along the lines of stomping on a leg, a high elbow to the head, any stick infractions to the head and hits from behind will not be tolerated.

There should be significant punishment to the player who does so.

Chris Young, Jordan Station, Ont.