NHL says it doesn’t expect to suspend Backstrom for positive test

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly says the substance for which Nicklas Backstrom tested positive is not on the NHL’s banned list.

The NHL says it does not expect to suspend Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom after his positive test for pseudoephedrine prior to the gold medal game.

Here’s the full text of the NHL release, as attributed to deputy commissioner Bill Daly.

“We understand that Nicklas Backstrom tested positive for a substance
banned ‘in competition’ by the International Olympic Committee. It is our
further understanding that the positive test was the result of a common
allergy medication taken by the player knowingly, with the approval of the
team doctor and without the intention of gaining an illegal or improper
performance-enhancing benefit. In addition, the specific substance that
resulted in the positive test is not currently on the League’s Prohibited
Substances List.

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“Subject to confirmation of the facts as we understand them, and
given the fact that the substance is neither prohibited in the NHL nor was
used in an improper manner here, we do not anticipate there being any
consequences relative to Nicklas’ eligibility to participate in games for
the Washington Capitals.”