NHL should aim at outlawing neutral zone trap

Regarding reducing the size of goaltender equipment, the main motivation behind it is not increasing the number of goals, but rather, trying to attract more fans to the game.

While goals are fun to watch, I’d rather see the league try to increase (1) the number of scoring chances, (2) the physical play, and (3) the tension that a close game brings.

Reducing goaltender equipment by a few inches does little on this front compared to other methods the league could pursue. The trap, for example, can take an exciting game and suffocate it to the point where it’s nothing but a boring, defensive, neutral-zone fiasco.

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Eliminating this strategy, either by increasing the ice size, penalizing teams that use it, or other methods, would go a lot further in bringing more excitement and attention to the game than petty attacks on goaltenders and their equipment will ever do.

After all, would you rather watch two teams battle end-to-end in a 1-1 tie; on-ice tempers flaring with the tension…or witness a goal-filled, but rather boring 6-3 win?

Matt Koncur, Edmonton, Alta.