NHL shuts out their diehard fans

I recently read the article by Mark Moore, titled “Saving Game? Little Change”, (Dec. 4 issue) and it makes me wonder about the same question I have asked myself time and time again: What is wrong with the game of hockey? My answer? Nothing…almost.

The only thing I see wrong with the sport is that the league wants to change it to help the non-hockey markets, i.e. Nashville, Florida etc.

I’ve been a fan most of my 28 years, have played the game for most of that time and have loved it from day one. The thought of some of the changes (bigger nets, 4-on-4) makes me sick and would probably make me stop watching the NHL if they happened.

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I’d rather watch a tight checking, fast-paced 3-2 game than a 9-8 score.

Guys like Moore and Gary Bettman with their desire of a high scoring, less physical league can go sip tea together and come up with a different sport. Oh wait, there’s already one called basketball.

If the NHL wants to lose their diehard fans, then go ahead and make the changes. They may get what they want in the States, but would probably lose most of Canada.

Travis Rideout, Flin Flon, Man.