NHLers to test Thermablades in August and September

More than 100 National Hockey League players will participate in a test run of Thermablade heated skate blades in August and September, Thermablade Inc. announced Monday.

Marty Reasoner of the Atlanta Thrashers and Martin Erat of the Nashville Predators are two NHLers who already use Thermablades. Reasoner said the heated blades gave him a “real advantage” while Erat said he got more speed coming out of the corners with them.

Thermablade heated blades are designed to maintain a consistent temperature of approximately five degrees Celcius using a small battery and a microprocessor stored in each skate blade holder. The warm blade increases the thickness of the water layer at the molecular level between the blade and the ice, reducing gliding friction for skaters.

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Thermablade Inc. says the performance benefits include improved acceleration, smoother glide, tighter turns, increased speed out of turns and more precise stops. Physiological advantages include a reduction in heart rate and less fatigue over the course of a game.