Nicklas Lidstrom’s Fan Shootout answers

Who is the toughest forward to defend against in the corners?
– Joseph Reid, Owen Sound, Ont.

Jaromir Jagr. He’s strong on his feet, has great balance and a good, long reach.

Has your role in the dressing room changed much since getting the captaincy?
– Dewey Longuski, Mason, Mich.

On the ice, not so much. Off the ice, it’s a little more communication with the coaches. You’re the link between the players and coaches.

If you hadn’t become a hockey player, what sort of career would you have gone into?
– Mike Slessor, Barrie, Ont.

Well, my education back in Sweden was telecommunications engineer, so I probably would have done that.

What was it like playing for coaching legend Scotty Bowman?
– Brad Craven, Moorefield, Ont.

I enjoyed it. He seemed to be a step ahead of the game all the time from the 1970s on, until he retired.

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I play defense. How can I move a player out from in front of the net without taking a penalty?
– Erik Lafleche, St. Albert, Ont.

That’s tougher now than it used to be. It’s more about positioning than ever. I try to step in front of a guy in order to block the shot, or lift his stick.

Who is the biggest joker on Team Sweden?
– Peter Veltkamp, Prescott, Ont.

There are a few, but I’d go with P-J Axelsson and Tomas Holmstrom.

Of all the players you have played with, who has the most hockey sense?
– Robert Sparandera, Staten Island, N.Y.

There have been so many. Steve Yzerman comes to mind, Igor Larionov, too.

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