No debate: Crosby better than Malkin

For all of those who believe that Malkin is better than Crosby, consider the following.

In his second year in the league, at the age of 19, Crosby won the Hart and Art Ross trophies. People seem to forget that was just last year and Crosby is only going to get better.

At that age, Malkin had not won an award yet.

Also, regardless of what he says, Crosby’s ankle is still not 100 percent. I know because I got the exact same injury at around the same time and mine still hurts. Yet Crosby is still leading the playoffs in points.

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Also, Malkin is getting intimidated far too easily by the Flyers in this series. They are targeting him and it’s working. Say what you want about him being a whiner, but Crosby has never been intimidated.

Jamie Murdoch, Oakville, Ont.