No Flames or Leafs, so Stephen Harper talks up Canucks; playoff chances

With no Flames or Leafs in the NHL playoffs, Conservative leader Stephen Harper has joined the Canucks’ bandwagon.

Harper represents Calgary Southwest and his wife is from southern Alberta. His dad was a longtime Leafs fan.

“Those are the teams that we pull for but look when they’re out, which unfortunately seems to be early all the time, we’re always ready to cheer for one of the other Canadian teams,” he said in an interview Monday with TSN Radio.

But Harper, a hockey buff, says it may come down to the goalies.

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“My read has been that with good goaltending, any team is in it this year,” he said. “I don’t think there’s anybody can’t win in the right circumstances so I think it’s going to be pretty hard-fought.”

As for the election, Harper called it a “choice between a low-tax Conservative economic plan or a high-tax NDP economic plan.”

“We will accept with grace whatever verdict they render,” he added of the voters.