No love for Big Joe?

He gets 90-plus points consistently, has led the league in apples for three years running, potted nearly 30 genos last year, hits, fights for his teammates (just ask Steve Ott), plays all 82 games (cause he sucks it up and plays hurt), has a solid two way game, and wears an A…all under the age of 30….and still no love in THN Top 50 by ranking him 21.

Playoffs? It was Thornton’s Sharks who drenched out Iginla’s Flames – with Big Joe turning the bus around in Game 4 himself.  All the way to a Game 6, fourth OT heartbreaker in Dallas.  Sure maybe Iggy (rated 6th) has the edge, but the oft-injured Gaborik (13), one-dimensional Kovalchuk (18), and one- year grinder turned scorer Morrow (15) rated higher?

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I’ll take the skill, heart and character of Joe any day.  It will be a great day for hockey when Joe kisses Lord Stanley and all of his critics goodbye.

Nathan McLean, Eston, Sask.