No more brotherly love in Montreal

On a night where the Montreal Canadiens put on an embarrassing performance in a 4-2 loss against the Boston Bruins in the third game of their opening round series, it should be clear that the time for the Kostitsyn brothers in Montreal has run out.

With Sergei once again relegated to the press box, his brother Andrei made almost as little impact in the most crucial game of the season thus far.

Aside from their off-ice and personal issues, the Belarusian brothers have shown that without effort and desire, great skill goes simply to waste.

On too many occasions the Kostitsyns have been guilty of costly turnovers, bad penalties and generally lazy play.

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This is regardless of the fact that efforts have been made to motivate both of them, be it by sending them back to Hamilton or relegating them to the sidelines for games at a time.

In the centennial season of a team drenched in history and greatness, this kind of effort is just simply unacceptable. While many here rejoice that the Canadiens made it to the post-season, it seems as if the Kostitsyn brothers have been on summer holidays for several months.

Kyran Griffiths, Montreal