Not every team passed this off-season

It’s always interesting to read what each of the beat writers have to say about their team’s summer progress, but on the marking scale I use in my profession, occasionally an ‘F’ has to awarded.

No NHL team failed over the past three months? Surely the Islanders, Thrashers and Kings have not earned a passing grade for their recent efforts to improve.

What would it take for a team to get an ‘F’? Maybe forgetting to attend the draft? Or signing Todd Bertu– oops, sorry Calgary.

Maybe it’s because the writers don’t want to overly upset the teams they cover daily. Why not ask scouts or media from other teams to (anonymously, of course) objectively analyze another team in their division for their summer efforts and prospects for the upcoming season?

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I personally would be interested in knowing how the other Pacific Division teams view Dallas, for example. The writers do a great job reporting on each team, but maybe an outsider’s opinion would add to the overall coverage.

Rob Janssens, Burlington, Ont.