On-ice consistency for off-ice veiwers

I keep hearing NHL officials and media commentators talking about referees swallowing their whistles late in close games so as not to determine the outcome of a close game on a penalty.

To me, this is completely illogical.

Does it mean that when Team A takes an interference penalty early in the game and is subsequently scored on the power play that is any less important than if Team B commits the same violation late in the game and isn’t called for it?

I’m a long time hockey fan and it’s obvious to me that the NHL is going all out to find a bigger media outlet than Versus to display their product on.

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A one-sided series would not be the best way of accomplishing this. However, what about fans who are attempting to adopt professional hockey as a viewing pastime?

They will surely find it hard to comprehend what is and what isn’t a penalty and in frustration will turn back to Nascar and Cage Fighting for their viewing pleasure.

Gary Bettman and Colin Campbell better figure this out or ESPN will never be interested in the NHL again.

Ted Ormiston, Clio, Mich.