Osgood deserves respect

Let me start by saying I am a die-hard Leafs fan and not a Chris Osgood fan. That’s not to say I don’t like the guy, but he’s not one of my favorite players.

With that said, I do have a real problem with how much crap Osgood takes every year. At no time on the calendar is goaltending more important than in the playoffs and let’s be honest, the system the Wings play is dynamite, but Osgood has a lot to do with that.

His puckhandling skills are underrated and last year he did not get enough credit for his role in winning the Cup. In the first round all the talk was about Nashville’s Dan Ellis, but I still thought Osgood held the Wings in that series. Detroit faced tough competition in every series, especially in the final.

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Could we please give this poor guy a little respect? Just like Patrick Roy, if Osgood doesn’t like all the criticism he can plug both his ears with his Stanley Cup rings.

Jason Johnston, Etobicoke, Ont.